Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A new turn in life...

As a child, I practically grew up with a book in my hand, every so often nudging my glasses up my nose as I spun a universe of possibilities around me. In my mind, and through the stories I read, I fought dragons, broke curses, and rescued the prince, and colonized planets by the dozen.

As I grew older, I collected books like a magpie collects sparkly bits of treasure. As I type this, stacks of paperbacks wobble as the cats dart among them, and my kindle has accumulated hundreds more. I never stopped reading... never stopped viewing a different world.

Recently, I've found that reading just isn't enough anymore. The tales whirling around my imagination fight to come out and be shared. My first short story, Feeding, emerged one day and I shared it with a group of Authors I had met through the Amazon forums... and the response was gratifying. Perhaps it was time for my world to open up to others and invite them in for the fun, the terrifying, and perhaps even a hope for a different future? When the opportunity opened to contribute to an Autumn-themed anthology, I submitted my story. Yes, it is short - more flash fiction than a short story. But it's an opening in the door to what lurks behind my eyes.

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